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Benefit from travel bans

CRAZY sounding, but there are a number of ways many businesses can benefit from the downturn in International Travel – if they are willing to make some changes. I would like to share with you some ideas to take advantage of limited International travel. My wife and I recently travelled through outback Queensland, venturing to the far North West of the state.  We were experiencing travel in an almost post-C world.  We found that many small businesses in the country towns that were previously marginal – have failed and closed their doors. Cafes, Hotels, Tour Operators, Tourist Destinations, and supporting

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Laser Targeting Clients

PRECISION in being able to identify and contact your potential customers and convert them into Leads is the holy grail when it comes to eventually generating sales. One of my clever clients recently generated 75 potential sales at $2,200 dollars a sale from a single $70 Facebook Ad. And they did it in just one week!!! How were they able to achieve that? The analogy I will use is about shining a light on, and for, potential customers. At one extreme is “floodlighting”. Making sure you get your advertisement to as many customers as possible using lots of energy and

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